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Oriental Cafe

352 Hartford Turnpike
Vernon, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 872-9696
Fax: (860) 872-6403
Sunday: 12:00 PM-10:00 PM
Monday: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Tuesday: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Wednesday: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Thursday: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Friday: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM
Cuisines: Japanese, Chinese
Oriental Cafe Restaurant Reviews
Review title:
Liked it until up until today!! Only received 1/2 of my order. I couldn't eat the order without it, so my choice was to drive back up there with 20 before work or get a refund. Called in my problem and person who answers the phone said the amount was too small for a refund. So now out of frustration, I'm returning the entire order. This person stated Saturday would be unacceptable to return the order. They are about 1/2 hour away from me so this is a BIG inconvenience. I have to drive up there after work at 10:30pm today to return the item in order to get the refund. Very poor customer service after only 3 months of going there. Insincere attitude. Not willing to resolve the problem. "What can I do about it now?" attitude.
    Review by: JBH
Great food    
I love it I come at least once a week sushi is always fresh and rolls made great all other food is deliciouse had issue with take out order before but I called and they not only fixed the issue and reimbursed me but gave me two free entres staff is kind and attentive luv it but tey don't have same special rollsa as the one in Mansfield and I wish they did
    Review by: Amber
Overpriced and under flavored    
The wantons in the soup were raw, the rice had no flavor the hot and sour soup wasn't hot and the sweet and sour chicken was excessively greasy. I'd rather go to any of the other local Asian restaurants in the area to get 3 meals for under $25 rather than 2 here for $20.
    Review by: Annie
Best in Vernon    
After trying about 8 other Chinese place in the area we finally went to Oriental Cafe. It was by far the best one we've ever been to and love Uncle Billy! We never go anywhere else for Chinese food. My husband loves the sushi as well.
    Review by: Amanda
awesome service    
after searching many places for the dish yakimeshi,i found it here at the oriental cafe..omg,it was fantastic..not many places serve this special dish..i was amazed at how wonderful they make it.the owner billy greeted me with kindness.. after i ate my meal at home i called to say how wonderful it was..i will for sure be back for this dish..please try this dish,you will love it..5 stars to oriental cafe.
    Review by: rusty
Vry very good    
I have been eating here since the mid 90s. it was always good, but It has steadily improved and now the sushi and Asian dished are excellent. Kani spicy crab salad is great dish and value. Host and waitstaff are genuine, hey welcome you, work to make sure you like your tale. Just a nice easy place to eat with fiends.
    Review by: Jack
Love it!    
We've been going to Oriental Cafe in Vernon for years. Billy is the best. Joe is the awesome silent partner in the background. The wait staff (go Lynn!) are friendly, efficient and just fabulous. We do take out on average, twice a month. And eat in -on average - about once a month. We meet new and fun people there and take our friends there for special nights out. Excellent full Japanese
    Review by: Val & Scot
Great Food    
Great food, atmosphere, and Billy goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable... 5 out of 5 stars!
    Review by: Mike
I give it a 10    
Great Sushi, excellent general sao's chicken or shrimp. The egg rolls are f'in amazing. Billy (the owner) is a character! Excellent service, huuuuge scorpion bowls for only $11. If you give the guys that make the sushi a tip of like five or ten dollars before you order they will give you samples and chunk up your sushi roll. The only downfall is when you eat there it is way to crammed but that doesn't bother me that much just etting my fellow reader know. ENJOY!
    Review by: Egg Roll Dick
We get take out a couple times a month. I highly recommend this place! Billy rocks!
    Review by: Jaime
Favorite local restaurant    
Love this place,recommend it to everyone and go there at least twice a month. Never had a bad meal there and the hosts are very friendly. Prices are a little high but defiantly worth it, food is excellent and scorpion bowls are never weak! Pork fried rice in house (not take out) is the best I've ever had and the sushi is always very fresh and delicious.
    Review by: Angie
Bad experience    
Overcharged us by $15 and forgot items. This is the second bad experience in the past few weeks. Time to step up and have some accountability. Where is my brownsauce.
    Review by: Chris
Where the "F" is my brownsauce    
Come on !!!
    Review by: Shelly
Never come again    
Overcharged us by $15 and screwed me on a brown sauce
    Review by: Chris
Our Favorite    
Really diverse menu (both Chinese and Japanese), great sushi, and owners know their customers. My wife and I go to the Oriental Cafe a few times per month, and when we walk in we are greeted by name. How many places do you go to today where that happens? Billy even knows my favorite drink and starts making it as soon as I sit down! I love this place.
    Review by: Bob
the best food in ct    
i enjoy having dinner or lunch at this place the sushi is so fresh and the Chinese food is great
    Review by: jack
Great place    
We love this place great food, great service!!!!!!
    Review by: Ron and Di
Great Service, Prices, and Service!!    
Fresh Sushi and great Chinese cuisine. Can't really go wrong.. The service is always with a smile, and the prices are right on!! Also... it's kid friendly.
    Review by: Theresa
Great Place    
Food always guaranteed whether Sushi or Chineese. Billy the perfect host. My kinda place.
    Review by: Brad
Bad Service    
I love the food but i will never have a sit-down lunch/dinner ever again.They're pushy i felt harrased can't have a peaceful meal here with servers trying to ask questions every 90 seconds.
    Review by: -A-
Awesome Food    
Best Sushi in Tolland County. Good Chinese too. Very generous and great customer service. Their Avocado salad is awesome (Wish I knew how they made the dressing). I always go here for either Japanese or Chinese and nowhere else maybe except Ichiban in West Hartford.
    Review by: NS
Great Food/Lots of Variety    
The Oriental Cafe has something for everyone. Because of the dual menus of both Chinese
    Review by: Laura
I order food from here regularly and it is very good. It seems healthier than most chinese food. The people here are very nice as well. I would tell everybody to try this place at least once.
    Review by: Unknown
Diverse and Reliable    
Food is always good and less greasy and salty than most Chinese restaurants. I've enjoyed both their Japanese and Chinese specialties on many occasions. Their dinner prices are slightly higher tham most places, but worth the difference. The Monday - Saturday lunch specials are a terrific deal and are excellent. he food is consistently good here. Sometimes, especially for dinner, the service can be a bit spotty, but never bad enough to deter me from coming back. Highly recommended.
    Review by: Helpful Herb
Rating: 92.9% Recommend (70 votes)
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