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537 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105
Phone: (860) 523-5417
Fax: (860) 523-9875
Cuisines: American, Cafe
Tisane Restaurant Reviews
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Better before    
Renovation changed the menu changed the scenery stayed the same(good thing). a few of my favorite dishes that were previously on the menu have been altered and are absolutely awful they don't have anything to substitute it with and when you asked if you could have like the old sauce or the old way, the answer is NO!it's a kitchen for God's sake they should be able to accommodate you. you know the old saying the customer is always right. anyway the drinks are still good food is okay I just miss my favorites
    Review by: Anonymous
Great place    
Small place but great food and excellent martinis. Late nights there's usually a good dj and a good crowd. Also breakfast is good. Scones and muffins are excellent. Huge assortment of teas. Basically every flavor of tea ever. A little bit expensive but well worth it.
    Review by: Recommend
Highly recommended    
Tisane always has consistent food quality and the martinis are the icing on the cake. The eclectic vibe and the fun events are always worth trying to fit into our schedule. I highly recommend tisane to catch up with an old friend over some delicious drinks or to have a completely satisfying dinner and dessert! We love Tisane :)
    Review by: Kelly
Unfortunately, Don't Even Bother!! It Stinks! : (    
There are very few things as unfortunate as having a place you use to enjoy go downhill. I recommend that if you want to enjoy a place with good service and decent attitude, DO NOT go here. Don't bother unless you want bad service and an even worse attitude from the Assistant General Manager. Specifically (1) The service has been slower and slower. When I mentioned anything about it, they appeared to just ignore it or not care. There is not as much regard to the customer service as they use to have. (2) We use to go for Sunday brunch but when we recently asked for a substitution, the Assistant General Manager got all snooty with my friends and I. This was never the case in the past. We'd just pay the little bit of upcharge and get on with it (without an attitude). I'm not sure what's been changing but something has. It's just not the same type of place it use to be. (3) The music use to be at a volume level where it could be enjoyed but over the last few weeks it's gotten loud and when my girlfriend and I said something or simply asked why it was so loud, we were told the general manager or asst gen. manager chose to put it that loud. No apparent regard for customers. Too bad. My wife and I use to love them but now have been disappointed a few too many times now :(
    Review by: Johnny G
Rating: 91.7% Recommend (36 votes)
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