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People's Choice

836 Hopmeadow Street
Simsbury, CT 06070
Phone: (860) 651-0090
Sunday: 11:00 AM-12:00 AM
Monday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Friday: 10:30 AM-1:00 AM
Saturday: 10:30 AM-1:00 AM
Cuisines: Pizza, American
People's Choice Restaurant Reviews
Review title:
the service is graph, the food is decent.    
cold food,bad service,rude staff. no one there gives a Danny about quality or proper service.
    Review by: Patrick
Franchise that doesn't live up to its guarantee    
They tell you a half hour for delivery and you get your pizza about an hour later (cold). Don't bother calling to complain...the manager and staff are very rude. Wouldn't refund my money despite their website stating 100% satisfaction guarantee. Insisted I come get the refund if I wanted it instead of reversing the charge. The Simsbury location is NOT a true People's's a franchise run by a money-grubbing guy who could came less about customer service.
    Review by: Simsbury resident
Pizza & Grinders    
I have had pizza from Peoples Choice several times and was very satisfied with the quality.Very excellent pizza for a chain delivery shop. Last night I decided to try their grinders.I ordered a whole Roast beef and a whole Italian combo,asked for both without lettuce,just tomato and onion.They charged .50 extra to substitute onion for lettuce,the sliced tomato consisted of a few thin slivers.They were the skimpiest,$9.00,Sandwiches I have ever gotten from a pizza shop.Basically I paid close to $20.00 for bread!!!! These were made at their Simsbury Ct.location.I have always enjoyed their pizza.Their grinders totally suck!!!They need to take some lessons from Franklin Giant Grinder in Hartford!--Franklin Giant puts on 3 times the amount of stuff for the same price!! I will never buy anything from these cheap pricks again except the pizza. Rick Brown-Bloomfield,Ct.
    Review by: Rick B.
Pizza not very good    
Had pizza from Peoples' choice... I'd like to know what people choose this pizza. Peoples Choice was recommended to me since I am not from Simsbury... Pizza was not very good.
    Review by: Not from Simsbury
FOUND a COCKROACH IN MY PIZZA !!!!!! Peoples choice pizza is the dirtiest place .Walked in and ordered a pizza and when i left and open the box in my car in the driveway in unionville a freckin COCKROACH was walking around in my pizza. I went back in and they told me i was crazy !! peoples choice pizza is the worst place i have ever ordered from. They wouldn't even give me a new pizza, I left it by the front door and left. these people are sick .sick.sick.
    Review by: Tony
Peoples Choice Pizza may be the worst place i have    
Peoples Choice Pizza may be the worst place i have ordered from. Late one night we decided to order some delivered food from Peoples Choice Pizza located in Unionville Ct. We ordered a pizza with pepperoni some hot wings and a salad. The delivery man was very polite and expedient . We received our pizza very cold and it had no pepperoni.The hot wings where very tiny and hard as a rock.I wouldn't doubt they reused the wings and simply reheated them. The salad looked ok , i thought " how could you possible screw up a salad? " well Peoples Choice Pizza did.The lettuce was actually soggy and the tomatoes was frozen. Being 50 years of age i can personally say this has got to be the most despicable restaurant i have ever endured. We contacted the restaurant and explained our discussed and unhappiness pertaining to our food.They basically ignored us and told us to bring it all back for a discount on our future purchase as long as we did not eat any of the order. They also refused to reimburse our money for .The owner and or manager of Peoples Choice Pizza should be ashamed of themselves feeding people their so called food. It's not my nature to be speak so negative regarding any individual or establishment unless i was assured this awful situation would never happen again.But after my visit and conversation with the owner and employees Of People's Choice Pizza in Unionville Ct I can truthfully state to any and all.Please do yourself a loved ones a favor and stay clear of People's Choice Pizza they care about one thing ..making a quick buck, simple as that
    Review by: Stacey
people choice    
the wings are excellent but the pizza is alright for a chain restraraunt
    Review by: john broth
the employees of this establishment threw eggs at my car and also left an indecent picture under my windshield, apparently I parked in front of their establishment! No signs posted that you can not park there, when I questioned the employee's they said I should have "known better than to park there" AWFUL REST!!!!! DO NOT SUPPORT
    Review by:
they deliver    
The pizza is decent, what you would expect from a chain. With that being said, the wait is never more than a half hour, and the pizza is always hot. There are few places in the area that actually deliver, so the fact that they are so prompt is a bonus.
    Review by: PattiB
peoples choice    
they have good pizza but the wings are small
    Review by:
Rating: 44.4% Recommend (27 votes)
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