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People's Choice

485 Talcottville Rd
Vernon, CT 06066
Phone: (860) 872-0090
Sunday: 11:00 AM-12:00 AM
Monday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Tuesday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Wednesday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Thursday: 10:30 AM-12:00 AM
Friday: 10:30 AM-1:00 AM
Saturday: 10:30 AM-1:00 AM
Cuisines: Pizza, American
People's Choice Restaurant Reviews
Review title:
Just ordered food from them, very rude and cocky, acted like jerks and came to my door with an attitude. do not recommend this place.
    Review by: ALYSSA
Just ordered food from them, very rude and cocky, acted like jerks and came to my door with an attitude. do not recommend this place.
    Review by: ALYSSA
EXTREMELY RUDE/INAPPROPRIATE MANAGER - DAVE in VERNON, CT. Today I ordered a pizza from the website. The wrong pizza was delivered. I called the manager and told him about the mistake (verifying the correct order was NOT sent), and Dave agreed to send me the correct pizza. When the correct order came, instead of apologizing for sending the wrong order, Dave (manager) told the delivery girl to demand the original pizza back. This was inappropriate childish behavior to come from a manager. I hope the pizza doesn't get delivered to someone else's home.
    Review by: Very Unhappy
Pretty Good    
I order from there often. I have no problems, they send us coupons for $5.00 of $10.00. Wings are hit or miss but pizza is good and grinders are pretty decent. People that are bitchin about the customer service probably ask too dumb questions over the phone, as the dude probably has many calls coming in. How clean it is I don't know, but who cares what I don't know don't hurt me and as long as I don't get sick or die I will. I give it 7 out of 10.
    Review by: Salbombs34
I worked in a pizza place for 3 years and never have i had or had i given anyone as bad an experiance as i had here. First the guy answering the phone was a dick if you dont like your job find another, then the pizza was barely cooked and worst pizza i ever had, i was never in there building so i cant talk about cleanliness but cheese was stuck all over box of my pizza, delivery guy was nice, and had there pizza in newington with no problem but i will never order from them again..
    Review by: Jeromy
Hey World, If you are looking for Ultra flavors and fast delivery,I think the choice is Clear !!FOOTBALL, BEER, AND FOOD IS WHY The People have spoken. I enjoy People's Choice Wings and Pizza on Friday Night,Saturday Night, Monday Night Football Night, as well as on Sunday mornings.Sometimes I even sneak leftovers into work on Tuesdays. Don't hate on guys who work hard to give the People what they want,Taste Food at a Great Price and Quick......THAT'S WHY They have like 100 locations in CT alone! so GFY if you haven't heard of them.And if you bash pizza joints I feel bad for you. ***** EATING PEOPLE'S CHOICE WINGS NOW, Scot Double
    Review by: Scot Double
haha really?    
i saw a girl playing with her hair then make a pizza with no gloves. i walked right out.
    Review by: Brian P
place is nasty. smells bad. and very dirty. stay away.
    Review by: gilbert
gross !!!!!!!!!!!!!    
when we walked in for the first time we walked right out this is why(.. hot ,gross, very dirty , no gloves , and the guy whiped his nose3 then kept cooking and making food all the appearence is disgusting and yes bad attitudes all around .. needless to say we walked out and would never go there or even think of recommending them why ppl still buy there is way beyond me the health codes should have already shut them dwn ....DONT GO IF YOU VALUE YOUR HEALTH... MICHEAL PONSTRETCH IS RIGHT THE BBB SHOULD BE CALLED ALONG WITH HEALTH DEPT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
    Review by: robert
highly recommended    
Yeah, both of the Michaels and Smith are pricks that have never worked in food service (kitchens are always hot, guys) or they're simply competitors posting under fake names in an assinine attempt to depopularize one of the most popular pizza joints in town. I've been eating People's Choice for a long time and I would recommend it highly. It's far superior to Pizza Time, Pizza Hut, Domino's, and pretty much every other pizza place in the area save maybe Brick Oven which is also very good.
    Review by: Will
mike is right    
yeah, id rather give my business to some one else. there personal appearance is gross. they came to my door, with cocky attitude, and the delivery man drove off like a bat out of hell, which was NOT necessary in my neighborhood. so putting that bad experience aside, i decided to do take out on my way home from work, Michael is correct about the extreme heat, and they obviously have no respect for there employee's having them work in such an environment. the food is no better then anywhere else, to say its the BEST is just ridiculous. If your looking for good quality food, and respectful CLEAN employee's i am going to have to say go to new england pizza. if you like dirty people (missing teeth, dirty hair, goatee's etc..) then by all means, eat peoples choice, its your health.
    Review by: s. michaels
Michael Ponstretch is a dick...its a take out place...and you obviously never worked in a restaurant, or else you would know by working in a hot kitchen people do sweat, get it delivered to you next time you cheap jerk...BTW I LOVE THE PIZZA AT PEOPLES CHOICE
    Review by: Bren
I ordered pizza and it was one of the best Ive had in a long time, I cant speak on the cleanliness or how hot it was but pizza was great!!
    Review by: Kathleen DaSilva
I Agree    
I will have to agree with the comment posted by Michael Ponstretch.. This restaurant is not professionally run. Some little guy gave me the worst attitude for absolutely no reason.. I was never treated with such disrespect at such an establishment. Very Hot inside the store, i couldn't wait to get out of there it was very dirty as well.. I will also recommend to stay away from Peoples Choice.
    Review by: Smith Johnson
i went into this restaurant and looked at the employee's, dirty beards white shirts that turned black. honestly it looks like this place is run by a bum. its over 100 degree's in there, just waiting for my order i lost 10 pounds in sweat. the ceiling above you looks like its about to collapse. allot of fly's and bugs flying around over the food cheese sitting in a buss boy bucket right on the table with people sticking there hands in it every time they walked by. Got my pizza brought it home, and it was not even cooked 100% dough was still soft. i honestly can not believe how unsanitary this place was.. i will recommend not to go to this place. unless you want to discover a fly on your food.
    Review by: Michael Ponstretch
Rating: 39.1% Recommend (23 votes)
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